Photo & Video Contest

Did you capture contest-worthy photos and videos while you were abroad? Submit them in this year’s contest!

2022 Photo Contest- South Korea Bukchon Hanok Village
2022 Photo Contest - Scotland

You can upload an unlimited amount of photos & videos across 6 categories. There will be 1 grand prize winner & 6 - 1st place winners for each category.


(Enter as many categories with as many videos as you'd like!)

🎬 Housing Tour

Show us a 1-2 minute video of your housing!

You can show us: 

  • Around your room/apartment (If it has a name, tell us what it’s called)
  • Introduce us to your housemates or roommate if you have one 
  • Tell us about the building you’re in
  • How close it is to the university or your internship placement
  • Any amenities it has
  • And anything else you want to share about your housing

See Izzy's housing tour in Sorrento for inspiration!


🎬 Campus Vibes

What’s your favorite spot on campus? Show us a 1-2 minute video of your favorite spot on campus. Be sure to tell us why it’s your favorite!

You can show us:

  • Where students hang out on campus
  • Your favorite place to study
  • Your getaway spot


🎬 Highlights From Your Time Abroad

Show us a 30-60 second video that wraps up the best moments from your time abroad!

Here's an example from Lauren Osterberg, Semester on the Italian Coast alumni!


(Enter as many categories with as many photos as you'd like!)

📷 Best Intern 

Show us a photo of you hard at work at your internship! This can totally be a staged “candid shot”

📷 CIS Abroad Values

Our values are what make us tick as a company.

Show us your best photo that captures our values below.

  • Passion
  • Fun
  • Cultural Curiosity
  • Trust 
  • Change & Growth

📷 Crowd Favorite

You get to choose what you submit! We’ll post all the submissions on our Instagram account during the week of December 5th - 9th.

Each person’s photos will be posted in a carousel-style Instagram post along with their name, Instagram handle (if provided), home university, and international program name.

The post that has the most likes by the end of the last day of voting will win the “Crowd Favorite” title.  All winners will be announced the following week.

*Please only submit up to 10 photos for this category.


There will be 1 grand prize winner and 6 category winners.

Grand prize winner:
$300 Amazon gift card

Category winners (6 categories):
$100 Amazon gift card


  • You must be a CIS Abroad alumni from 2022, or a current student onsite this Fall.
  • Must follow the Terms & Conditions.
  • You can submit as many photos and videos as you want, but you can only win one category.
  • Submissions with any of the following are not permitted: 
    • Illegal activities
    • Alcohol or drugs (including marijuana)
    • Partying at a club or bar
    • Excessive profanity
  • Any music must be used legally. - read more about what this means.
  • By submitting your video or photos, you release all materials, including captions and names, to be used by CIS Abroad for promotional reasons. This includes, but is not limited to print, video, and digital mediums.


  • Submit your submissions to the following form by December 2nd, 11:59 PM 2022:  SUBMIT HERE!
  • You can upload as many videos/photos you’d like for each category. You will need to submit a new form for each category
  • Be sure to follow all instructions on the form & complete all required fields.
  • FOR THE CROWD FAVORITE - During the week of 12-5- 12-9, we will post all submissions on our instagram account & remind you all to share with your friends and family to vote! 
  • Winners will be announced on Friday, December 16th.



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