Semester in Costa Rica -
Universidad Veritas

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Live and learn in one of the world’s most lush destinations

On our Semester in Costa Rica program, study in English or Spanish at Universidad Veritas, a local university in bustling and beautiful San José. Use the capital city as your launch pad to explore nearby volcanoes and rainforests in your free time. Get to know Costa Rican culture while sipping some of the best coffee in the world with classmates at a local café. We'll show you the true meaning of "Pura Vida" through eye-opening cultural activities and breathtaking excursions.

What to Expect

English, Spanish
Average Courseload:
3-4 classes (12-16) U.S. credits
GPA Requirement:
Visa Requirement:
NONE Required!


Live with a local host family with transport included to campus
One of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world
Cooking classes, sports events, and dance classes to fully immerse in the culture
Small Spanish-language class sizes, with no prerequisites
Excursions to beaches and volcanoes

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  • Semester in Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas
    The class weekend trips are indescribable. We went to the most extraordinary places, places that weren't even open to the public and did real research that would be submitted into actual databases.
    Acadia Herbst Plymouth State University Semester in Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas
  • Semester in Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas
    The academics at Veritas are great and the classes are small, so the teachers get to give a lot of one on one attention. And your host family will help you learn Spanish and immerse you in the culture, from food to music to dancing.
    Meghan Herrick Plymouth State University Semester in Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas
  • Semester in Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas
    It's easy to shy away from challenges and discomfort, but powering through those moments is what allows us to grow. Studying abroad teaches us to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and become better people because of it.
    Shoshanna Weiner Clark University Semester in Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas

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Price Range

Lower price: 3 courses
Higher price: 4 courses

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