Semester in London -
University of Roehampton

Athlete Friendly
LGBTQIA+ Friendly
Quarter Friendly

Enjoy a cozy residential campus in southwest London

Study at the University of Roehampton, your Harry Potter dream school (four colleges with their own mascots and a yearly competition for the class cup!) tucked away in a lush neighborhood in southwest London. Roehampton is unique among London universities with its cozy central campus - housing, support services, classrooms, shops, and the student union are all within a 15-minute walk. Whether you're drawn to the university's stellar academics, verdant lawns, or its award-winning "Growhampton" sustainability program, you're sure to find a home at Roehampton.

What to Expect

Average Courseload:
3-4 courses (12-18 U.S. credits)
GPA Requirement:
Visa Requirement:
NONE Required!


Live on a sustainable campus in a serene suburban setting
Take innovative classes with first-rate professors
Easily travel throughout the UK and Europe
Take part in Harry Potter-like competitions between the four colleges
Enjoy supportive on-site staff to help you transition to life in London

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  • Semester in London - University of Roehampton
    From the beginning stages of the application process to being guided on an excursion to Scotland, the CIS Abroad team was supportive, knowledgeable, and friendly. Phone calls with my program enrollment coordinator always answered my questions!
    Olivia Harry Eastern Connecticut State University Semester in London - University of Roehampton
  • Semester in London - University of Roehampton
    CIS Abroad was amazing in the application process, and went above and beyond while I was overseas. There were excursions included in the tuition, and my program cohort became like a family.
    Kerry Wetter Hofstra University Semester in London - University of Roehampton
  • Semester in London - University of Roehampton
    Right now I'm studying dance and theatre at the University of Roehampton and none of it would have been possible without CIS Abroad, without the amazing faculty here and the faculty back at my home university who helped me, and just all my friends and family for their love and support and encouragement.
    Oscar Villalobos III The University of Alabama Semester in London - University of Roehampton

Dates & Prices

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Higher price: premium housing

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