Greek Life & Education Abroad

We believe that international education creates a more connected and compassionate world, where everyone can achieve their potential.


We partner with institutions around the world to give students fully supported experiences abroad and we’re unapologetically committed to broadening and deepening our understanding of what citizenship means. We’re prepared for the joys and challenges of equipping this next generation of leaders. We stand, sleeves rolled up, ready to get to work, no matter where your Greek members travel.


We offer custom programming opportunities for members to study and intern abroad, with the flexibility to bring together many Greeks or just one chapter or organization. Past programs have been customized to have a focus on leadership and service learning. Bring us your ideas and we will be happy to custom prepare a program to best suit your emerging leaders!


The health and safety of our participants is paramount in CIS Abroad programs. Our Risk Management guidelines follow best practices in our field as outlined by NAFSA: The Association for International Educators and the Forum on Education Abroad. Additionally, we receive regular counsel and updates from the Overseas Security and Advisory Council (OSAC) and the US State Department as well as the providers of our international insurance plans.


Did you know? Three out of five of our executive team members are Greek, and so are many of our team members who work directly with your students. We take pride in the fact that what we strive for as a company also echoes the values of Greek Life.



We are the highest value/lowest cost provider in more than 65% of our semester and summer locations. With more than $320,000 in additional grants and scholarships, you won’t find a better partner.

70% of all CIS Abroad students receive scholarships or grants to study or intern abroad.

We also run several promotions throughout the year for students to take advantage of.


My decision to go Greek and study abroad align almost perfectly. I wanted to gain a deeper appreciation for the world and people around me all while bettering myself. Both of these experiences have shaped me into the person I am and strive to be each and every day. I have found a purpose behind everything I do in life and the strength to not let my fears hold me back from new experiences. My life has forever been changed by these experiences and I am eternally thankful

Kayla Geistman
Sigma Kappa – Epsilon Zeta chapter
Western Kentucky University
Summer in Scotland



There are many studies that point to the benefits of students receiving part of their undergraduate education abroad. What benefits could be realized in the classroom by tapping into new attitudes and skill sets? And what are the benefits realized to the student and the institution for years to come?

Your members will increase their Intrapersonal skills

Intrapersonal skills are those internal communication skills, the self-talk, that guide our emotion and behavior. They apply to a person’s emotional intelligence. Many of these skills are not taught in school, but are critical to success in work and life.

Your members will Increase competencies that matter  to employers & graduate schools

Students who studied abroad find employment more quickly than their peers post graduation, and they’ll also see more long-term impact to their careers.

Your members will Enhance their Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are those that involve communicating and working with other people. As our world is increasingly complex, the ability to communicate in teams, across time zones, ages, cultures, and language skills are critical.

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I definitely see some parallels between my choices for going greek and studying abroad. For starters, both decisions were made in the hopes of bettering myself and my future. Both experiences have created connections for me, all across the world. Through my sisters who live in different countries and states, other interns and students I have met in Australia, and my co-workers, I now have resources all around the globe. If I want to travel, take a cross country road trip, or even work in another country, I have great friends everywhere that can help me out. I except these connections to last a lifetime and to help me an incredible amount in the future.

Christina McDonald
Sigma Delta Tau – Delta Nu chapter
Stevens Institute of Technology
Intern in Australia Summer

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