We know that parents and families play a critical role in a participant’s experience. We recognize that engaging families as partners in your son or daughter’s experience can help us in managing risk, and in helping make the experience as powerful and rewarding as possible.

As a parent or guardian, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

We at CIS Abroad believe that parents and families have the right to:

  • Be able to contact CIS Abroad staff immediately when a health and safety issue or emergency happens.
  • Expect that we are preparing your son or daughter to adapt and learn in their new environment.
  • Expect that we are mitigating risks appropriately in all places where we are placing your son or daughter.
  • Expect our programs to offer strong academic courses or professional-quality internships, accompanied by professional, caring staff.
  • Expect we will communicate to your son or daughter’s home university appropriately with information pertinent to their experience, before, during, and after the program.
  • Expect that your son or daughter will follow CIS Abroad policies and contact our in-country staff or 24/7 emergency line in case of difficulty or emergency.

We at CIS Abroad believe that parents and families have the responsibility to:

  • Be informed about and involved in the decision of your son or daughter to enroll in a particular program.
  • Obtain and carefully evaluate our program materials, as well as related health, safety, and security information.
  • Discuss with your son or daughter any of his/her travel plans and activities that may be independent of the study abroad program.
  • Engage your son or daughter in a thorough discussion of safety and behavior issues, insurance needs, and emergency procedures related to living abroad, including being familiar with the CIS Abroad Code of Conduct policy.
  • Be responsive to requests from us for information regarding your son or daughter.
  • Keep in touch with your son or daughter.
  • Be aware that your son or daughter, rather than CIS Abroad, may most appropriately provide some information.
  • Understand how FERPA laws affect what universities and CIS Abroad can and cannot share with parents.