Onboarding & Hiring

Find your 'A' players and set them up for success on day one!

Onboarding & Hiring
Finding the right talent can be a challenge. Beginning this process with clear outcomes and the associated ROI for the role can drastically impact your success rate. We know the importance of hiring the right people for the right positions. We also know their onboarding is the key to their success. You can directly increase employee retention rates and impact employee motivation by ensuring, from day one, new hires are well trained and set up for success in their role.


The Challenge
A small, private, liberal arts university decided to combine Study Abroad and ISS into one department called Global Engagement. Both teams were accustomed to operating as separate departments and had limited interaction or understanding of their counterparts’ daily operations. In order for this merge to be successful, Global Engagement would need experienced leadership to guide and support this new department.
The Solution

To ensure that both departments were in alignment, the consulting services team recommended the creation of a new position, an Executive Director of Global Engagement. Having worked with the consulting services team previously, the leaders at this institution recognized how the team’s connection to the greater International Education community and work with other institutions would benefit them in their search for an Executive Director.

The consulting services team supported the hiring process by:

  • Evaluating & offering feedback on the job description created by the institution
  • Reviewing all applications for the position & recommending which candidates to move forward
  • Creating standardized questions and scorecard to rank applicants
  • Conducting first round interviews via phone or video conferencing
  • Providing final candidate list for on-campus interviews
Results & Outcomes

After the institution interviewed final candidates and made an offer, they brought the consulting services team in to assist with the on-boarding process for the new Executive Director.  Having worked with this office previously, the team provided the new Executive Director with excellent insight about their team.  The consulting services team created a “First 100 Days in Office” document, outlining the key tasks to focus on.

Onboarding tasks included:

  • Shadowing all teams to understand their day to day operations, frustrations, successes, etc.
  • Establish weekly one-on-one and team meetings to facilitate frequent communication
  • Create a department mission, vision – outline the shared goals
  • Review current data and establish frequency with data reporting
  • Roadmap key office processes for Study Abroad and ISS
  • And many more!

I was impressed with what the consulting services team was so deftly and quickly able to put together for us. Thanks for such stellar professionalism.

Katie G.

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