Interim Staffing

Join the growing list of institutions that have relied on CIS to keep their international doors open.

From part-time to full-time support office staffing. From administrative, to Education Abroad Director, to C-suite roles, we can fill almost any Education Abroad position. We also have experience in providing temp support during transitional times.


The Challenge
A large, public institution was utilizing an outdated, paper, application process that needed a complete overhaul. Operating in seven different locations, the main office was finding that their seven leaders each managed their programs differently. This made it extremely difficult to stay on top of program needs, budgets and health & safety concerns. They needed help identifying ways to simplify and standardize the process and insights into the best CRM system to use to move away from paper processing. During this streamlining process, the program coordinator responsible for processing applications gave their notice to leave.
The Solution
The interim staffing solution allowed this institution to successfully run their programs and move forward with daily operations, despite losing a crucial team member. Having interim staff in place also gave them time and space to consider the right candidate for the position and not have to make a hiring decision too quickly.
Results & Outcomes

Within the first 12 months, everyone on the team had clear priorities as to how their position directly related to the overarching goal. New positions that were needed, were created and filled. Other positions were adjusted according to the new strategic plan.

As a result, the team felt more aligned as an office. They also felt more confident about how they connected to the institution’s strategic plan. With a solid plan in place they were able to increase participation on their exchange programs by 20%.

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