Health and Accident Insurance

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All participants are automatically enrolled in the CISI Accident and Health Insurance plan as part of their program.

Participants are covered for the duration of the program.

While overseas it is important that students understand the particular health risks and requirements of the country they are visiting. As part of the pre-departure orientation, students will be informed of issues relating to risks, medical care, insurance, and immunizations.

It is also very important that students make CIS Abroad aware of any pre-existing health conditions that may impact them during their time abroad well before departure. Announcement of any health conditions, either prior or existing, mental, physical or both, will not affect admission to any CIS Abroad programs. On the contrary, disclosure allows for the host institution and CIS Abroad to make the appropriate accommodations before departure.

It is uncommon for students to require medical treatment in a foreign country. However, should the need arise, CIS Abroad works hard to ensure that students are adequately covered. Comprehensive overseas medical and accident insurance coverage is included in the program fee for all our participants traveling to a country outside of the United States.

Our coverage was designed in conjunction with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), a brokerage firm that is a leader in the education abroad industry, and includes the following maximum benefits:

  • Accidental Death: $10,000
  • Basic Medical Accident or Sickness: $500,000 (zero deductible)*
  • Emergency Medical Reunion: $5,000
  • Medical Evacuation/Repatriation & Return of Mortal Remains: $350,000 (combined​)
  • Security Evacuation: $100,000
  • 24/7 Assistance: medical, travel, and technical

*If a participant were to test positive for COVID-19, related medical expenses of up to 300,000USD would be covered under this plan.

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