University Relations Team

The University Relations team is led by Jess Jones, Vice President of Partnerships. With over a decade of experience in international education, Jess is charged with developing innovative ways for CIS Abroad to be a strong partner to universities.

Whether it’s virtually coming to campus to hold open advising hours for students or hosting a health and safety workshop for faculty members interested in teaching abroad, our university relations will work with you to develop a presence to help your office meet its goals. We know that each university has unique needs and we aim to determine which CIS Abroad programs are the best fit for your students.

Jessica Jones
Vice President of Partnerships
Travel Tip! Expect the unexpected. Expect your plans to change. Stay flexible and laugh. Always laugh. Even when you cry, find the laughter.
Kent Moore
University Relations Director
Travel Tip! Taking photos is fun but try a week or just a day without using your camera. You might find that you have more unforgettable memories and fewer all-too-forgettable pictures. Great photos of the Taj Mahal are everywhere, but you only get one memory of seeing it for the first time.
Brianna Rice
University Relations Manager
Travel Tip! Don’t wait around for your friends to join you. Solo travel is one of the most exciting and empowering things you can do. You’ll learn so much about yourself and get the chance to meet new friends all across the globe!
Ian Lim-Bonner
University Relations Director
Travel Tip! Have a plan, but embrace spontaneity. Having an itinerary gives you peace of mind and an idea of where you want to go and what you want to see. But the most memorable experiences end up being the unplanned ones. That hole in the wall restaurant you stumble upon or that festival you accidentally go to, will be the memories you cherish most.
Kyle Cox
University Relations Director
Travel Tip! Solo travel can be so, so rewarding. It’s a great way to learn about yourself as you’re learning about a new place. It’s also a great way to make new friends!
Mary Alice Haas
University Relations Director
Travel Tip! Start with a compliment! You might see someone that looks your age in a coffee shop, or stand next to someone with good energy on campus. One of my closest friendships started with, “I like your music.” Sometimes, you just need something to break the ice. Before you know it, you’re invited to a family dinner. In the blink of an eye, you’re planning a trip together 5 years later.

Where Can I Find More Info?

Our Advisor Resource Center is a one stop shop for study abroad advisors. It’s full of handy information and links to make working with us at CIS Abroad a little easier. Below is a guide for who to go to for the most common inquiries!
Student Advising
Please send your request to
Recruitment (on-campus or virtual)
Visit our Virtual Fair page and contact Kent Moore (
Applicant updates
Log into the CIS Abroad Advisor Portal for information about applicants from your institution. Contact Kent Moore ( with any questions regarding Portal access.
Course syllabi
Our self-serve Course Syllabus Library is accessible from within the CIS Abroad Advisor Portal. If you need Portal access or have trouble logging in, please contact Kent Moore (
Email with student’s name, program name, and program term
Risk management inquiries
Please visit our risk management home page and/or see program-specific risk mitigation information via the Advisor Portal. Need portal access? Email Kent Moore at
Custom Program inquiries and services
Visit this web page and complete the form that most closely corresponds to your current needs. Contact Beth Cahoon, Director of Custom Programs ( for other Custom Program inquiries.
Strategic operations services and four pillars of institutional support
You can read more here and complete this brief form to get in touch with our team.
For all other inquiries
Please contact Emily Negard (

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