Our Approach to Experiential Learning

Excite - Engage - Empower: Career Advancement 360.

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The CIS Abroad internship programs reflect Kolb’s model of experiential learning —

  • Engagement
  • Critical Reflection
  • Synthesis
  • and Action.

These programs provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to concrete, real-world projects, reflect, make meaning – and develop the skills and competencies that will help them advance their careers. 

We’ve mapped the learning outcomes for internships to the eight key career readiness competencies as identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, intentionally connecting learning, skill development, and employability.


Before any of that happens, prospective interns are guided through a customized, student-centered career coaching process, informed by the Appreciative Advising framework and focused on three key stages:


Our internship alumni conclude their experience Excited, Engaged, and Empowered!

I came into the internship with a lack of confidence in my work which negatively affected my communication skills. Because of my supervisor and coworkers’ feedback and acknowledgement, I have gained confidence in what I do. Overall, this internship has made me feel confident in the career path I am on because it showed me I am capable and [that I] enjoy the field I am in as a product manager.

Sabrina Savastano
University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa
Virtual Global Internship in Argentina
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My internship experience not only made a lasting impact on me, but also charted my future career path, defining and focusing it like an arrow being shot from a bow.

Kali Johnson
Adolphus College
Virtual Global Internship in Argentina
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