Hello CIS Abroad Filmakers!

We know you’re filming all of the stellar sights during your time abroad, so share them with us!

Your videos inspire other students to travel and see the same sights that you did on your CIS Abroad experience.

We use your videos in marketing materials and social media so that YOU can be #CISAbroad famous. Take a look at our Instagram or search #CISAbroad and #GoingPlaces to see what other visual content your peers are already making.

What kinds of videos should I share?

We’re looking for video footage that captures your program experience -- whether that’s your daily commute, your classroom or office, where you lay your head at night, your favorite places to study, or yourself out having fun or telling us about why you chose CIS Abroad. Better yet, get creative and do them all!

We're happy to take videos you've edited yourself, but what we really want is the raw footage, so send us both!

Tips and Tricks for capturing great video?

  • Keep your individual video clips short (approx. 10 seconds)
  • Make sure footage is well lit, steady, and not blurry
  • Always shoot in horizontal (landscape) mode
  • Try different and creative angles (from the floor, high vantage points, 1st person, etc)

Before you upload

Save your video clips using this naming convention so we can give you credit:

Term&Year_Program_Full Name_Home Uni_Short Description

ex. Spring2018_Intern in Ecuador_Mayra Henson_Ohio University_me hard at work

What is not allowed?

We’re sure you wouldn’t, but please DON’T include alcohol, you out at a club or bar, illegal drugs (including marijuana in Amsterdam), profanity, or parent-stressor activities, like driving, bungee jumping or skydiving in your photos.

Upload Videos:

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