Consulting Services

We know your office relies on four key functions working well: your people, your strategy, your funding, and your programs.

Motivate and keep your people.
Develop and refine your strategy.
Create capacity to do more with less funding.
Offer adaptable and accessible programming and services.



1. Collaboration

We believe in a collaborative approach. We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and develop a personalized action plan. We will put together a proposal of the services and workshops that we think are the best fit for your office's needs.

2. Assessment

We begin all projects by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment. Depending on the scope of the project, this may include evaluating your current operations, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and analyzing student demographics and trends.

3. Proposal Review & Contract

Review the proposal.  If you have questions, reach out and we’re happy to address questions or concerns before final approval.  Once approved, the timeline is agreed upon and a final contract is created and signed.  Consulting projects are billed at an hourly rate. CIS Abroad Affiliates receive a 10% discount on the hourly rate. In addition to hourly rates, travel expenses (airfare, car rental, hotel) and meals are also included in the final invoice.

4. Implementation

It’s time to get started! Our consulting services team will facilitate the proposed workshops either in person or virtually (as needed).  We’ll work with you and your team on the goals and stages of the project and ensure everyone is on the same page.  We value our partners and view ourselves as an extension of your team.

5. Evaluation & Next Steps

Tell us how we did!  At the end of each project partners will receive an evaluation to complete.  Partner feedback is so valuable as it helps us ensure we're delivering quality service.  This is also a great place for partners to share how we can continue to support their office.

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