Semester in Limerick -
University of Limerick

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Your "home away from home" in Ireland

Study for a semester at the University of Limerick, nestled in an authentic Irish city with state-of-the art facilities, great housing options, and diverse classes with Irish students so you can really get to know the local culture. After class, head into the city of Limerick to explore its 13th-century castle, stroll along the River Shannon, or listen to traditional pub music. On the weekends, leverage Limerick's location for travel opportunities throughout Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

What to Expect

Average Courseload:
5 courses (15 U.S. credits)
GPA Requirement:
Visa Requirement:
NONE Required!


Affordable option to study in a tranquil part of Ireland
Study opportunities alongside Irish students while learning about Irish culture
Student sports teams you can join ranging from beginner level to Olympian
Join the Buddy Program for a personal connection to Ireland
Volunteer opportunities in the local community

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  • Semester in Limerick - University of Limerick
    I am so happy that I chose the Limerick program because it was a more authentic experience in my book. Don't get me wrong, Dublin was really cool, but I personally liked being in a smaller city. I felt like I could really connect with the locals.
    Rachel Navis University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Semester in Limerick - University of Limerick
  • I've found that my schedule is a lot less hectic over here. Mainly because my classes don't meet as much as they do in the states. One of my classes is a two-hour lecture that meets once a week. One of my classes has a tutorial: a smaller atmosphere where students meet together and ask questions that they might not be able to ask in the lecture.
    Abby Corbett Valparaiso University Semester in Limerick - University of Limerick

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